For the grandparents

Disclaimer: This will bore pretty much everyone besides the grandparents and doting aunts & uncles.

Grey loves working out and working his muscles. Hence the muscle shirt he tries to wear all spring/summer/fall long. He is currently obsessed with pushups and wants to do them every night before bed. Here he set up some blocks to line up his hands and feet and wanted me to film him so he could watch himself. What a crack-up!

And dancing to his favorite song "Apologize." This song plays over and over and over. We are trying to get him onto a new song but he always comes back to this one. Although, he heard Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" on the radio so I picked up the Miami Vice Soundtrack for him at the library. He loves the whole CD.

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Jason and Heather said...

That was anything but boring! Although in all fairness, I am one of "those" aunts. That was freaking awesome and hilarious. I can't wait to show him that dancing video in like 15 years! :)