A few months ago...

I finally got pictures from the week when my sister came to visit in February. I loved having her here and spending time with her--although it made me even more sad that she is so far away. We had a BLAST! I think I wore her out running around with the kids all day...

We lucked out with gorgeous 70-degree days and took full advantage by:

Going to the zoo,

Riding the train there &

Eating the yummy ice cream & cotton candy.

Heather & Grey napped.

The kids took a lot of baths after playing so much.

We met at my mom's office with bags full of Heidi's sandwiches and ate it all! Two pregnant women can eat plenty.

We compared our preggers bellies a lot--THREE days apart. So much fun!

And we went to the park to play and play.

Come back soon P!!!

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Jason and Heather said...

Oh no! That was so much fun and I miss you all!! Um, I've also packed that shirt away into the "wear only when not pregnant" box...ugg! Love whyou!