Remember this? Pop!

Well, things are growing.... Apparently this baby boy is about a foot long now and just over a pound. I am just about 2/3 of the way done with this pregnancy.
Six months

People don't lie when they say the third pregnancy FLIES by. I just don't have the time or brainpower to think much about it. Part of me is so excited and cannot wait to snuggle this little guy and the other part of me is terrified. THREE kids. That seems like quite the handful. Especially as I sit by myself through church with two kids fighting over who sits on my lap or who gets my arm. And how will I ever leave the house?

But then I think of that soft, warm newborn snuggled up against my bare chest with that sweet newborn scent and my worries can hold off a bit. This little boy is going to be so loved.


leslie said...

just popped over from FB and realized i haven't been getting any of your posts in my google reader...what's up with that?! good thing i checked! :) you are gorgeous!!!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful...as you have always been! 3 kids, now that is a fun crazy adventure. Welcome to the club! What a lucky little man he is. Miss you!