One point Five

My baby girl is one and a half today. What a delight she is! She is obsessed with babies, shoes and Greyden. She will yell at me when I am getting her dressed until I get her shoes on and if we leave shoes out, I always find them in a new place. Her baby-obsession is borderline scary. Anyone that has been around her for more than a few minutes knows how much she loves them. So watch your little ones--she will feed it, clothe it and rock it. We went to dinner with some friends who have a newborn and she positioned herself (sneakily) until she was able to kick the carseat cover enough to SEE the baby. And she and Grey together are adorable. There is nothing like that brother/sister relationship. They are the best little buddies!

She keeps everyone in our family laughing even when she is dramatically throwing herself down for a well-thought-out fit. Elise is one happy, friendly, smiling girl and I hope she always stays that way. And to top it all off, she loves to snuggle!

A few videos I took briefly of the kids. Please don't look around the basement--I am going through a complete organizing overhaul and have piles everywhere!


Jason and Heather said...

Oh how I love them!!! That video of them dancing is hilarious. I'm so happy when you post videos! I can't wait for G to watch them when he's like 15. :)

p.s. When are you mailing them to me?

Wandry Words said...

It's hard to believe little Elise is already 1.5!!! She is the cutest little girl. LOVE your kiddos. It was nice having her snuggle and fall asleep in my arms the other day. I totally LOVED it....