Week One

We are not off to a good start. It is only Wednesday and the first week in January has been awful to say the least. Spent January 1st at the urgent care diagnosing an ear infection for Elise. On Monday I had an ultrasound for the baby and have been put on "rest" for an undetermined amount of time. It isn't quite bedrest, but no exercise, no lifting, lots of rest and taking it extra easy. Which hasn't been a problem yet since I have been sick for a week and now have sinus and ear infections. Glad to be on antibiotics, but nervous about the baby already and hate taking medicines in the first trimester especially--although I'm almost into the second trimester. YAY! And yes, baby is growing right on and when I come out of hiding everyone will be shocked at the size of my belly. I am every time I wake up in the morning!

Poor Grey has been taking care of himself and eating goldfish and pretzels for breakfast when I can't get out of bed. He said to me the other day, "But mom, you're always sick." Uh-huh. That sure is how he is going to remember his childhood at this age unfortunately. Wish me luck that these antibiotics kick in fast so I can at least lift my head off the pillow soon.


Amy said...

I had no idea your expecting #3! Congrats! When are you due? I just started my 3rd trimester and I was trying to decide which is worse the 1st or 3rd trimester! Hope your feeling better soon.

Denise said...

Hey... I hope you start feeling better:) and yeah, that third kid starts showing FAST!!
Feel better!!