I have been missing on here again for a month! Good news--life is getting back to normal. I got the doctor okay to work out again last week and I am back in my routine. My muscles are sore and it feels so good! I am weird like that...

I have been spending a lot of time focusing on my goals. I feel like the month and a half I was told to "rest" was a blessing to step back a re-evaluate. I have been able to focus my efforts on better scripture and gospel study, get into a routine having Grey/Mommy preschool and really playing with and reading to my sweet children. I have re-realized the blessing it is to be at home with my kids and to teach and love them. I am not great at balancing that with anything else in the world--so I apologize to those I have been neglecting!! Someday I will figure out how to balance it all, right??

Anyways... my first outing after the "rest" was to the aquarium. Sorry for all the low-quality iphone pics. Apparently I have not remembered to take my camera ANYWHERE lately.

Then many more outings to catch up on all the errands I missed. It sure exhausted this little guy. But I think we are all caught up now.
(Why does he look like such a punk teenager in this one???)

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Jason and Heather said...

I love the pic of G sleeping on the couch!!