Roatan, Honduras

Oh my. This is my favorite place ever! So if I disappear, you know I have packed a suitcase full of bikinis and books and bought a one way ticket here. It is a stunning island.

We knew this would be one of the better days, so we hurried up, ate breakfast, got in our swimsuits and walked out to find this along with pouring rain:

Killing time taking pictures--Bryan, Heather & I

Apparently this ship was wrecked against the coast during a hurricane about 30 years ago. Makes for a pretty picture though!

Luckily it blew right over so we could enjoy a beautiful day swimming in the aqua water and digging our toes into the sand. But first, playing with the toys at the bar:

And moving onto the beach... Look at that water!

Our ship

I took a picture of the beach from a narrow pier we walked out on

The incredible sunset as we pulled away from Roatan. A sad place to leave....

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