Belize City

Belize City was, well, a hole. I had heard about it being such, so our plan was to take a taxi to a nearby beach. As soon as we got off the boat we found out the beach had been taken out in a hurricane two weeks before. Soooo.... we decided to just wander around the downtown. It reminded me a lot of Cairo--very third world. Always good to see, but hard. They are very, very poor and there are stray dogs and trash everywhere.

We wandered up to pretty much the only historic landmark in the city--the oldest Anglican church (St. Johns' Cathedral) in  Central America built between 1812 and 1824. The red brick was all brought over by boat from Europe.

A tired Grey--there was a lot of walking and it was warm

The fishing boats near the port

After our quick trek around the downtown, we headed back to the boat for some more pool time and yummy BBQ. It was warm enough to actually get in the water this day.

Check out Grey's face

And up-close (haha!) The slides were steep

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