A Restart?

And I must begin with, "Good Riddance 2010!" What a sucky year. It has been an extremely tough year emotionally, spiritually and especially physically. Sometimes in life I have to push the "restart" button and look forward to better things to come. 2010 definitely needs a restart button. I WILL make 2011 a better year--as long as I don't have depression, mono, the first trimester of pregnancy or the sudden loss of a family member. It has been really hard to be a functioning mother, wife and friend. And I'm not off to a good start with the whole family sick. But that will go away soon, right?

So with hope for 2011, I look forward to:

Lots of quality time with Jared, Greyden & Elise

More date nights with Jared (any babysitters out there???)

More in-depth scripture study and time for meditation and personal prayer

Continued exercise 4-5 days a week--although it doesn't look like I'll keep my 16% body fat with this rapidly expanding waistline of mine. The body fat goal will be back again for 2012. :)

Getting caught up on my digi-scrapping and printing it all

Trying new recipes often

Getting farther in my family history and doing the temple work

Expanding my knowledge--sewing, cooking, pottery, piano, dance, fitness (now to narrow it down...)

Reorganizing the basement storage room (not looking forward to this one--although I got a good start on it this week)

Lastly, growing this currently-lime-sized baby throughout the year--hopefully healthy and strong!

Tonight we were going bundle up to watch the fireworks downtown, then hurry home to warm up and toast in a new year with some sparkling apple cider and fancy glasses. Instead we will be rubbing vicks vaporub on our chests, snuggling up in bed, turning on our humidifiers and going to sleep early!

Bring on the new year!

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