Pre-birthday Celebrations

Four is just around the corner and this past weekend was our quarterly-family-birthday-hurrah! The kiddos dressed in costumes and Cindy hosted an amazing party full of games, treats and prizes. So you are going to get a little halloween costume preview. It was a blast.

Dressing the grandpas

Optimus Prime popping balloons

My little ducky (with Grandma)

Present Time!!! Ninja Ryan was very excited to help.

Everyone knows my child well. Cars, trucks & Iron Man gear. He was so happy and plays with all of it nonstop. Thank you to everyone!! I doubt we'll be able to match it on his actual birthday!

Checking out the new Iron Man truck with rockets!

Trying on the Iron Man set complete with a helmet, repulsor blast glove and arm band and arc light and plenty of rockets to really think he is actually Iron Man. I must add that when he wears it he puts on his Iron Man t-shirt and has to wear his red shorts to match because Iron Man is red. It is really cute!

I know you are excited for more to come on halloween & birthday.

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Arianne Pearce said...

So fun. I love having boys! It's so fun to see them so into all the super hero stuff. I love going to farms! Looks like you guys had a great time and I really love your drive pictures!