Halloween Festivities

I love Halloween! I love dressing up and eating soup and candy. Mmmmm.... This year I dressed up as a cop in honor of my new cop brother-in-law. Go COP JOEY!!!

Friday night was our church party. Since our ward is small and our parking lot is a sketchy parking garage, we don't do the trunk-or-treat. We send everyone to the second floor, put the adults & candy in the doorways and the kids run around in circles and collect loads and loads of candy. They love it!

Optimus Prime and I getting ready to go

Decorating the treat bags

The kids all dressed up

My little ducky running around

Sunday afternoon we walked up to the Gaylord St. Festival to collect even more candy. It was a little crazy this year. I lost Grey twice and one time for almost five minutes. I was freaking out!

Most of the group:


Jason and Heather said...

I heart my cop Joey and my cop P!! You look awesome! Oh how cute are the little lovers too! I want Elise to just waddle her way over here.

Tobi said...

That duck costume is too cute for words.

Every time I loose track of one of my kids I can feel a new wrinkle forming on my face. Kids are the main cause of gray hair and wrinkles.