The Photoshop Effect

After working in photography and learning and using the tools in photoshop, I am a firm believer that we cannot believe what we see. Ever. As consumers we are constantly blasted with fake images to promote products and ideas. Yes, there are beautiful people with attractive features--but things can be changed, removed or added in a click of the mouse. Even I with my intermediate knowledge of photoshop, I can remove cellulite, rough skin, pores, wrinkles, stray hairs, acne in a minute or two. The possibilities are limitless. I have a basic book that teaches how to paint in fake abs to give someone a nice six-pack. I will get off my soapbox because I absolutely LOVE photoshop. It is amazing. But I have also learned to look at everything in print as an art form. It is not necessarily real.

These videos are very educational. Take the time to watch them. I love the second one. I could watch it over and over again in slow-mo.

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