Two is for Tantrums?

To my sweet Grey,

Two years ago today I went through the most difficult night of my life to be rewarded with such an amazing little man. We bonded instantly and I fell in love with your fUzzY, soft back and beautiful, dark eyes. Having you in our family has given me some long, hard days, but also TONS of rewarding moments. Sometimes I can't help but LaUgH when I watch you! You have quite the spunky pErSonAliTy yet you are so loving and sensitive.

You had a wonderful birthday.  I let you take an eXtrA long shower today. I haven't been able to shower alone for mOntHs now. You always want to get into the "show" when it is on. I also figured out that if I put you in front of the mIrRoR on the bathroom sink, you will sit still long enough for me to FINALLY trim your cRaZY mane! You watched your favorite movie, CARS, played for hours, and ate lots of sNaCKs.

You are my little man & I love you SO VERY MUCH!!! Happy 2 years to you!



Mandi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREY!!! That was a sweet post. I love thinking back to the days where we had our children. It always seems crazy what we went through, but so worth it. He is such a cutie!
IF we come home for Thanksgiving, it will probably be a quick trip (like, Wed to Sunday) But I would LOVE to see you all in that time. For us, it is only a matter of weather. If we have good weather, we'll be there. If not, we won't!

carrie said...

We love you G. You are such a sweet boy with lots of fun spunk.

Rachel said...

THat was the cutest post ever he is such a cute boy:) I am in love with that little man. I am glad he had a good birthday...I hope to see you all soon I love ya guys lots and lots>

-Rachel :)

Rebecca Strongo said...

how sweet!! He is adoreable!!!

Jason and Heather said...

You are such a good mom! I love your kid...I mean seriously love him!

Arianne Pearce said...

Ahhh what a cutie! You sure do a great job with his pictures. What a great mom you are and what a blessing Grey is!

Pammerscush said...

Happy Birthday Grey! We love you soooo much! I can't believe you are two!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Birthday little Grey!!
I cant believe he's two.... and oh so cute.

Anonymous said...

ps. I didn't mean that I cant believe he's so cute.... because he is so cute.... I mean that I cant believe he's two. Yeah, I know I'm an idiot!!