Back to Reality

We got back from a fun trip to Miami and Key West this week. It was a fantastic vacation and I'm already anxious to go back to those beaches! Thanks to Jeff & Tara for taking care of us in Miami!!! I apologize for so many pictures... I just could not narrow it down. Don't mind my hair--I was having big time humidity/hair issues. 
We lucked out with perfect weather and no hurricanes. Poor Grey got sick at the end and we had a late night urgent care visit for croup. The most dreaded part (the flights) turned out perfectly minus getting thrown up on at take off. I had to sit in the stink for 4 hours.... Better than screaming I guess!!!

Some highlights from our trip:

Driving through all of the Keys top to bottom. I have always wanted to do that drive. It was long, but so relaxing and enjoyable. We stopped at an adorable cafe on Sugarloaf Key for lunch.

Spending two nights in Key West at a gorgeous hotel we got a steal on. We spent a lot of time at the pool. I absolutely LOVED Key West. It is such a charming town and just gorgeous! 

Swimming in the turquoise ocean near the southernmost point of the USA! Only 90 miles to Cuba--Think I could swim it?

Renting bikes and riding them downtown for the Sunset Celebration. Key West has performers and a party for the sunset every night. We sat and watched a sword-swallower for a long time.
Taking an airboat ride at the Everglades. We saw two alligators that came right up to the boat. Grey touched an alligator back at the boats and I actually held it. Yes, as you can see from my face I was scared to death. I saw it staring me down....

Going to Miami Beach (the BEST beach in the world!) and swimming for hours
Taking a quick trip out to Key Biscayne--there was too much seaweed on the beach so we went back to Miami Beach again. But I love lighthouses and had to capture it.

A sleepy Grey---he was such a trooper and passed out every time we got in the car


carrie said...

WOW. Those pictures are un-real.

Seriously, some of them look fake. The sailboat? The croc's head coming out of the water? You've got to sell those. But the one I love most of all? Cute little G with the glasses upside down.

How did Dave and I not score an invite to this trip?

Angela Henderson said...

Im so glad that you guys had fun. I wish our trip was that fun when we went there. We didn't do anything. That lighthouse pic is so cool. I need lessons in photoshop. Can't wait to see you!

Pammerscush said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I am jealous! I want to float in a gorgeous pool too! I'm glad all went well (aside from the puke on the plane!) BTW I think your hair looked great.

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Your trip looked amazing. I have always wanted to go to Key West. Did you stay at the Inn at Key West?

Tara said...

Okay - a couple of things. First, your pictures came out great. Second, they are making me wish you guys were still here (or at least that you had a plan to come again soon). Third, we really LOVED having you guys here. It was a blast. It had been way to long since Jeff and Jared had been able to spend any quality time together and I know Jeff just loved it. I did not mind it either ;) Fourth, we got your thanks you card in the mail. You two are too cute. Thanks so much!!!

Arianne Pearce said...

Oh man- what awsome pictures!! It makes me want to go to the beach! How fun and of course you look great. Grey is such a cutie!

Arianne Pearce said...

Oh man- what awsome pictures!! It makes me want to go to the beach! How fun and of course you look great. Grey is such a cutie!