Thank You Little White Car

Dear Little White Car,
I was late for Grey's doctor appointment today and driving too fast in the school zone. I saw the two motocops with their speed guns after it was too late. I knew I was caught! My heart started pounding until I realized they were pulling you over from the lane next to me. Thank you little white car for taking the bullet for me.
The Black SUV

On a side note... Grey is getting so BIG! He had his 2-year checkup and the doctor was surprised by his growth. He is now in the 65% for weight and 85% for height. I don't know why it makes me feel proud when he grows big and tall. It isn't like I have anything to do with it...


carrie said...

whew!!! close call...i'm glad you didn't get a ticket, and i'm glad i'm not the white car.

TippettsFam said...

ooohh you are SOoooOO lucky!! i'm never that lucky when it comes to tickets and police!!

happy birthday cute grey...looks like you scored big!