Vegas Baby!

I apologize in advance for the size of this post. We had a wonderful time in Vegas. We went with our friends Jenn & Eddie and their 1 year old daughter, Olivia. Thanks guys! They let us use their timeshare which was right behind the Flamingo. Greyden & Jared both behaved themselves rather well. :) Here are some highlights of our trip:

Eating at our FAVORITE restaurant in Vegas. The Harley Davidson Cafe has the best BBQ you will ever eat. Greyden slept in his stroller the entire time which made our dining experience even better. My sister and her hubby met up with us the first day. YAY!
The free circus at Circus Circus. They had contortionists (see freaky photo below), trapeze artists and all kinds of other crazy things.The Lions at MGM. I wanted to take one home with me. SO CUTE!
The Fountains at Bellagio are one of my favorite things to watch. Greyden was a little frightened the first time he saw them, but quickly warmed up to them.Our night out ALONE. Our friends took Greyden on Wednesday and Jared & I went to see the Cirque du Soleil: Mystere. It was incredible! Our seats were in the third row so we could see the sweat on the performers. After the show, we wandered around the strip, watched the fountains at Bellagio again and got a very late dinner at the Paris. We felt like we had been out all night and it was only 11:30 when we got back. Hmmmmm.Lastly, but one of my favorite things... Lounging at the pool, reading and soaking up the sun!


carrie said...

I just love the picture of little Grey laying on your tummy in the pool. You two look so cozy & cute!

Sounds like an awesome trip. Man your tickets for Cirque Du Soleil sound AMAZING - I would love to see that show. I'm jealous! Welcome home...we missed you guys.

Ps...when did you do your 10 mile run? ;)

TippettsFam said...

totally jealous!!! sounds so great... i want to see cirque du soleil and lounge in a pool. oh and have ALONE time with my husband! so glad you guys got some time away!!! now the question is: are you ready for a 13 miles?? i'm not ;)

Christina said...

Haha! I'm not ready for 13 miles. I ran once in Vegas. Oops. I have only done an 8 and 10 for the long runs. I think we're running an 8 again this weekend. Carrie, have your run your 10? You should train up in the mountains and you'll smoke the rest of us.

Amanda said...

Looks like so much fun! Please tell me you ate at
In-N-Out too so I can live vicariously. SO jealous of all the fun things you got in.

Just for the record I have never run over 5 miles. I'm leaving that to the three of you.

Amy said...

I miss Vegas sometimes. And I love Mystere (chad took me to it for our 3rd anniv.) It is my all time favorite show in Vegas. Sounds like you guys had fun!