Mitt Romney '08

I got to go see Mitt Romney speak last Wednesday at the DU law school. I have always been semi-interested in politics and the future of our country. I haven't paid much attention lately but assumed Mitt Romney might be someone I could support.
After hearing him speak I am positive this man is right for the job. He has his priorities in the right place. Our country is heading towards a scary place with lazy people feeling entitled to things without having to work for it. We need a strong leader who actually has morals leading us. We have seen him in action with the Salt Lake Olympics. He is able to take something heading for disaster and set it on the correct path.
His main goals for our country are to strengthen family, the economy and our military. He actually recognizes the importance of strong families to move our country forward. I will get off of my soapbox for now, but encourage you to look into the candidates for presidency and educate yourself. Get involved!

I did try to get a picture with him and followed the crowd for 20 minutes but just couldn't push my way past everyone. We were in the 8th row and I got this one from where we sat.

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carrie said...

Good for you for getting involved! It must be nice to know there is a candidate out there you feel good about.

How did you get the tickets?