Birthday Trip to Vegas

I had been telling Jared for a looooong time that I would be going somewhere after Vanessa turned one. It was my celebration for being done nursing and having babies! My sister & I both weaned our babies at the same time so it seemed a perfect time for a birthday trip with my two other favorite people. I appreciate having a husband who is willing and supportive of letting me take off for a few days leaving him with the four kids. We had a wonderful time. Although I think we had too much fun because we didn't sleep nearly enough. I guess that is what happens in Vegas...

We walked the strip the first night to see the fountains and wander. Unfortunately it was the night after a big Mayweather fight and the crowd was interesting to say the least. I have never felt unsafe in Vegas until that night. It was a little bit unsettling.

We spent a lot of time at the pool either at our place or the MGM pools and lazy river. It was perfect.

On my birthday we went to the Wynn lunch buffet which Heather researched as one of the best. It did NOT disappoint. Look at the desserts!!

That evening we went to Blue Man Group which was a riot. We bought the cheapest tickets at the back of the theater and ended up getting moved to the front row. Luckily right next to the splash zone. What a fun show. And don't ask why we match--we just think alike and didn't realize it until we were already out. Haha.

We did a tiny amount of slot machines. My mom won big on the penny machine--$3. 

Our place was incredible. We stayed in a 1 BR at the Signature MGM. I would absolutely stay there again. Loved it. Look at the bathroom (one of two bathrooms) and the view from one of the balconies.

Jared took such good care of the kiddos as always. He took them to Steak & Shake after I left because they were feeling sad. On Sunday he found Cole in our bed all tucked in a cuddled up. We find him all over the place sleeping. When Jared sends me these pictures, I melt a little. I love seeing their cute faces. Makes me miss them.

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