Vanessa is ONE!

This sweet girl is one. Hard to believe it. She is such a joy in our world. She makes everyone smile and laugh. The kids all adore her and love to baby her. She is a lucky, loved girl.

Her favorite things are dogs, bears, babies and belly buttons. She is on the move but not quite walking. She is still struggling to grow any hair--minus a tiny tuft of curls in the bottom back. Kind of like a curly mullet. Her eyes are still super blue. Jared is hoping they stay and she gets her daddy's eyes. She is still such a little peanut. Her weight is 17 lb 10 oz (3rd %), height 29 ¼ in (54th %) and head 17 ½ (32nd %). But healthy as can be. If only I could get her to eat. anything at all.

Grey had his school music program, so Vanessa didn't get too much of a party. Grandma came over after dinner to open presents, sing and eat cupcakes. Grandma fed her dinner so she has squash all over her face. She wasn't too sure about the cupcake. She is the pickiest eater. ever. But the kids were happy to help her eat it.

She LOVED the baby and snuggled and loved it right away. Then I caught her pushing it around on her walker. So sweet.

Happy Birthday to our little sunshine.

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