Memorial Day Weekend

I love holiday weekends so we get an extra family day. I especially love holiday weekends with nice weather so we can be outside! We have had so much rain that everything outdoors is beautiful and green. We decided to take the kids for a hike at Roxborough Park. I was a little nervous because there were quite a few alerts about wildlife (including bears and mountain lions) in the area. But the most wildlife we saw was a chipmunk. Cole was thrilled that he "spotted wildlife." Poor guy. Someday we will see something cool for him.

The scenery did not disappoint and was incredible with the vivid green grass, yellow wildflowers and red rocks. Colorado is beautiful. Vanessa did great in the stroller and slept half the time. She is a dream and so tote-able. Perfect as a 4th baby.
My boys!
 Elise is such a wonderful sister. She & Cole held hands a lot of the hike. <3 p="">

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