The Rest of February

I love sleeping kids. We found Elise all cozied up in the middle of our bed. I love it. We find Cole sleeping in the strangest places and positions. This was the first time he fell asleep with a laundry basket over himself. 

Jared & I went to the Russian Banya again with our friends. Carrie & Dave have been our best buds for almost 12 years. Love spending time with them. It was incredible--as always.

As we left the banya, we were met with a blizzard storm and took a loooong time to get home. It snowed for days. Finally!! The kids were in heaven and built themselves a nice, little snow cave. Not quite big enough to get in--but next year maybe we will get better at it.
I took Grey on a mommy G date to a Nuggets game. He especially loved the nachos and blue cotton candy. It was my bribe for getting him to try basketball. He wasn't too sure about playing but I thought he would really enjoy it. So I told him if he played, I would take him. And of course he was amazing at basketball like every other sport. He is very athletic and just picks sports up quickly. Lucky kid...

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