First Part of March

Elise is 5 now and got to go skiing with Jared for her first time. I was honestly a little worried but she LOVED it and was skiing on her own without the harness before the end of the day. I am so thankful for Jared who spends time with these kids. I hope they realize how lucky they are. Jared always packs a lunch but buys them a big plate of fries to share. It has become a tradition and he sends me the pic as an update every ski day. I look forward to getting the "fry picture" every time. I am looking forward to the day when we can all ski together and I am not just hanging out with the baby and toddler.
Jared also took Grey skiing and one day he got to ski with his buddies Noah & Jared.
Cole had his first dentist appointment. I know. I am the worst mom. Yes he is 3. But his teeth were great luckily!
Grey had a special date with Jared to the Avs game. I am missing out on all the fun this month.

Well except for when I went with all my sisters-in-law to the Garth Brooks concert. Jared hummed and hawed so I uninvited him and went with girls. It was the most incredible concert I have seen. He is truly talented and I was glad to get to hear him in person. Plus it was just a fun night with Cindy, Jodie & Pam.

This girl has been having a few rough nights and not sleeping very well.  I have been bringing her in bed with me and just soaking up the snuggles. After four times doing this, I know how quickly these moments pass.  I may be exhausted and uncomfortable in bed, but I get to listen to her quiet breath and feel her warm body snuggled next to mine.

Cole had his first preschool performance at Great Escape. He was dressed up as a cowboy. This is the only picture I have because unfortunately he came out, saw the people smiling and laughing and he started crying. So the teacher had to carry him off the stage and couldn't get him back out. I love that boy and his attitude!

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