Starting off February

We are buried in snow right now, but the past two weeks have been insanely gorgeous with 60 degree days. It has been a wonderful break from winter to be able to spend some time outside.

Our February has started with a bang as always. I used to think life would slow down, then I realized I am managing four lives in addition to my own and that it will be crazy for quite some time. I better learn how to manage it better!

Elise did a little camp with the dancers at the high school here with some girls in our ward. She loved it more than anything! I was really impressed with how well she did in the performance during the basketball game as well. She kept right up and went full force.

Elise & I had a little date at the Denver Center of Performing Arts to see Cinderella. I love this play! I was in this play when I was in the 6th grade so it was really fun to hear all the songs again.

We celebrated my step-dad's 59th birthday. He is such an amazing man. So lucky to have him a part of my life and a wonderful grandpa to my kiddos.

Cole has been holding hands with this little friend at church. Here he is caught in the act during singing time. It is the cutest thing ever. He asks about her all of the time!
We finally got my mom's piano over to our house and Grey & Elise are taking lessons. I have been playing a bit again and loving it. It is so soothing to play. I wish I were better at it--but someday it will be my turn to take lessons again.
Vanessa ended up with some virus that caused major breathing trouble. She has been doing breathing treatments (which she hates) for five days now. She isn't sick anymore--just still gunky in her lungs. Poor baby.

I started teaching yoga at a residential studio. I am hoping to get back into teaching other classes as well but can't seem to find anything for the right place and times. Teaching is the best way to get in shape and I love it!
Lastly, we had Pam & Jason's kids sleep over and we hardly saw the kids. They love being together. And apparently they are heavy sleepers. Poor Addie.

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