I love our annual birthday Waterworld party with Jared's family. This year I spent a lot of time at the wave pool or in the shade with Vanessa. But no complaints--it was great. I had nightmares for weeks about one of my kids drowning in that wave pool so I made sure Cole had his life vest! Elise & Grey were both so brave and tried scary things. Grey did one of the tall white slides! Elise & I went down the screaming Mimi together and she was scared out of her mind but decided afterwards that she kind of liked it. Thank you again Dean & Joanne for an amazing family birthday celebration.

Jodie & Vanessa
 Cole was so tired and passed out on a chair for a couple of hours
 Brooklynn, Megan, Grandma, Grandpa, Cole
 The birthday crowd -- Dean, Pam, Elise, Cole, Cindy (missing Ryan who was in the wave pool)
 I only had a giant hat for V
My birthday kiddos!

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