4th of July

We had an amazing and intense 4th of July this year. It was our first one away from Wash Park so we are working on starting our new traditions.

We started our day off with lunch & swimming with friends from our ward and stake. There were lots of fun games and contests. Grey caught a frisbee off the diving board. He was pretty proud.
Look at these chunky thighs & arms. I LOVE HER!

We then had a BBQ at our house with some old friends.

Then on to fireworks at the Columbine Country Club which were actually pretty awesome. We saw two shows from afar before the show on the lawn started. Nobody cried which I call a success!
 Cole snuggling up to Eve. :)
I get teary when I watch fireworks. I always think of the reason we have them--the way we became a free country. I am grateful for the men and women who still sacrifice for our freedoms. We live in a blessed country.

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