One Weeker

Vanessa is one week old today and she sure is a dream baby. I really hope it lasts... Other than the first two nights, she only wakes up once between 11pm and 7am. I am skeptical--it seems too good to be true! She rarely cries and is sweet and snuggly as can be. She will actually sit there awake totally content. My boys as babies never sat there happy. They lived their first six months sleeping (somewhat), eating or screaming. So this is a dream compared to that. The kids adore her and really have been helpful. It is totally different having a baby with older kids around to help out and not vie for attention the way a toddler does. Jared has been a rockstar and taking such good care of the other kiddos. I have been able to soak up some quality time snuggling and loving on her. I am enjoying every second of this bonding time before real life begins again. We just couldn't be more thrilled to have her here.

And a little bit of a picture overload from this past week:

Going home from the hospital

 First bath
 Napping with Daddy

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Heather Young said...

I love all of these! I wanted there to be like 20 more. :) I can't wait to show Allie when she wakes up! LOVE that baby Vanessa!