Spring Break

I was so excited for Spring Break. I have been looking forward to having all of my kids home and spending time with them before the baby comes. We jam packed our days and had a wonderful week.

We started it off with a fun family dinner out at Red Robin. The kids loved having the unlimited fries and chocolate milk. Then Grey threw up all night and I banished him to a mattress on my floor--luckily it didn't get passed on whatever it was.

I took all of the kids on dates to pick out special things for when the baby comes. Elise picked Build-A-Bear and a knockoff American Doll which she keeps asking to hug. Cole wanted a Build-A-Bear as well since he is kind of obsessed with bears.

We went as a family to the aquarium. I always love having Jared when we do those outings because usually it is just the kids and I. Nights are the best there anyways...

I took all three kids by myself to the Children's Museum which left me with a headache the rest of the day, but I thought that was a pretty awesome feat to accomplish.

We spent time at one park or another every single day. The weather was too perfect! Oh and I napped every day. It really was perfect.

Our neighbor took Grey on a tour of Sports Authority Stadium. He of course thought it was the best day ever. They tried on gear, sat in John Elway's box and toured all over. They spoiled him more and took him to Smashburger and Yogurtland afterwards.

Grey got his last ski day in this season with Jared and I got a sleepover with Elise in my bed. She likes to bring in her blankets and pillow then snuggle up all night. So sweet.

In other news, my clothes absolutely do not fit. I look ridiculous walking around the house. Poor Jared.

Now we are taking it day by day waiting for baby to come. I have everything ready include an assortment of freezer meals, muffins, jam, pizza dough, etc, etc. We are ready.... Looks like this baby is going to be my latest baby yet. Tomorrow I am 39 weeks which is the day Cole came. Cannot wait to get her here!!!

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