Other random happenings...

A warm day at the park flying paper airplanes

Grey's apology note to his teacher after getting in trouble
"To: Mrs. Williams. I am sorry that I was being mean to Endy. Everyone makes mistakes."
Hahaha... I thought his disclaimer at the end was funny.

Playing Connect 4 in the window on a beautiful day

Sleeping like this:

Grey requesting to make his own lunches (turkey wrap and apples)

Elise doesn't just "ride" her scooter. She dances.

A little (red from crying) love bug for Valentine's Day

Cole found his baby binky and apparently loves it. Time to hide them well.

A Mommy & G date ice skating that ended with an unexpected hockey game. A blast!!

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Arianne Pearce said...

Wow!! I loved catching up on your blog! Your kids are getting so big! Fun happenings at your house. I was so happy I did lasik and I am really glad it worked out for you. Such a blessing. I loved the skiing pictures and the ones of Elise are super adorable!! Cole is so cute too and really getting big. :-)