Well let me tell you about the last couple of months. I have been missing on here for good reason... I swear! It began with my laptop dying shortly after Christmas. Straight up dying without any warning. I had backed it up on Christmas Eve but unfortunately lost everything from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. So then we had to go through the decisions of whether to fix my laptop or get a new computer. I took apart my laptop myself and tried to retrieve the data on the hard drive to no avail. We ended up getting a family desktop. I absolutely adore it...  but it took a while to get it all put together. My sister and Allie came to town. Then I had LASIK surgery which had me freaking out for a week that I had ruined my eyes. Then I was able to see clearly again and all is great! Oh and there were multiple illnesses throughout the family stuck in the middle of all of that.

My laptop in the middle of my project. Sad. :(

Now on this snowy, blustery day I can sit down and catch up on the last two months that I have neglected. As I recap, I will leave you with Grey's New Year's Resolution: "I resolve to play video games one day a week." Interesting resolution as we do not own video games. So he has not been able to keep that resolve. He cracks me up.

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