I did it! I have been waiting for years to have my eyes stop changing so I could do the surgery. They finally stabilized for three years and I found out my awesome next door neighbor is one of the top LASIK doctors here. I knew he did cataract surgery because he did my mom's but I didn't realize he does LASIK as well. I took the plunge, wore my glasses for two weeks (which was pretty much torture) and now can see almost perfectly without glasses or contacts. It is truly a miracle. The first week afterwards I was paranoid I ruined my eyes and I was going to be one of the statistics who can't see, etc. etc. But luckily they cleared up after a week and I am SO happy!!

Getting ready for my exam


A super attractive picture of me wearing the super cool goggles I got to wear for a couple days and four nights. I look like I should be playing racquetball or something which is kind of the same as reflecting three kids' hands and body parts.

A quick video Jared took of the surgery while the dr. cut the flap I think. It was kind of scary--but luckily super quick!!

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Sarah said...

Congratulations! I wish I was a good candidate for LASIK. Enjoy sight!