I spent November prepping for Christmas (oh and hosting my first fairly large Thanksgiving--no biggie) which was completely exhausting. BUT it is the last day of the month and I have all the Christmas gifts bought and almost all of them wrapped. Now I can enjoy our family time and enjoy this month of celebration. I am ready!

With this warm fall weather, we have been able to play at the park, hike and spend lots of time outside.
Elise & I fought over her hiking outfit. Can you tell who won that one?
And do you see the baby that she carried the entire way?

We took advantage of our recently underused aquarium membership

Cole gets a lot of attention from Grey and Elise. He is one lucky boy.

I got away for a weekend with the best family I could have ever married into. There was a lot of laughing, movies, card games, pedicures and delicious food.
We were trying to spell Wandry. Good times.
I was almost asleep in this picture.
Grey had his Turkey Trot and lunch at his school. He was so embarrassed and mad that Jared & I kept laughing. But it was too cute. And they were all running around and around like crazy little turkeys. I couldn't help it. We made him turn around to get a picture of his tail-feathers. 

We also squeezed in a little family bowling time on the long weekend.

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Charitons said...

I'm glad I'm not the only momma that fights with her little girl over what she is wearing. I usually lose too.