Mommy's Day Out

There was a bit of tension in our household as things have been extremely busy and the only time I have to do anything is when Jared is home and can take the kids. I finally had it and called to see if there was space at Elise's preschool and I was able to start Cole two days later for the same day as her. So now I have FOUR hours a week to go to the temple, schedule doctor appointments, grocery shop and even shower. Jared & I have had two lunch dates in the past month and I have been able to fit most everything into that time. I guess it is worth my sanity and more family time together at home.

And it helps that Cole loves it. He barely gave me a look goodbye as he ran into the room to play. And they give him a cute teddy bear stamp (he is in the teddy bear class) on his hand when he is done for the day. I give him his milk on the way home and he sleeps for another hour or two while I spend time with Elise. Perfect!

Big Boy after his first day of "school"

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