15 months

Our little Cole train is 15 months and finally life is back to good. Not that we don't adore him--but he just barely started sleeping through the night. Hallelujah!! He is such a fun, crazy boy. I am either laughing or pulling my hair out with him. He is into absolutely everything--yesterday I found him in the kitchen with the Costco-sized cumin dumped all over himself and the kitchen. Today I caught him choking on air freshener he somehow found and sprayed into his mouth. I pull semi-dangerous things out of his mouth constantly--no matter how much I pick up and clean, he finds them.

He loves balls, dogs and things that sing to him. He loves when we sing or make animal sounds--especially the roar of a lion! He loves when Jared throws him on the couch back and rolls down--we call it the "cole roll." He wrestles, sits on our heads and eats our faces. He is CRAZY! Such a fun, fun boy.

I couldn't keep him still for our mini photo shoot--very frustrating!


Wandry Words said...

Christina, I cannot believe how grown up your little Cole is already! I LOVE your kiddos and I'm so excited to hang out with you this weekend.

Arianne Pearce said...

So crazy! I remember sitting with you chatting when you were pregnant with him. He is so adorable! I always love catching up on your blog.