Kansas continued

I was only in Kansas for one full day, but we sure squeezed in a LOT.

After the funeral, the family that still lives in Great Bend took us on the Amerine tour. We started at the Amerine farm with the house my great-grandfather built and where my grandfather was born. You can see the A on the door and Amerines still live there.

We went on a cemetery tour in three cemeteries to see our Amerine & Doss (grandpa & grandma's sides) history.

Isabella collected flowers. :)

My great-grandmother who I am named after--Amy Christina Bortz
And my grandfather--Fred Vernon Amerine--who built the house on the Amerine farm

We also found Batman's mother and father.... We got a good laugh out of that one

Next stop--Ellinwood Kansas which was an underground "city" of tunnels and shops

An impromptu photo session in the cornfields on our way to our family's insanely awesome farm (12,000 head of cattle, huge GPS operated combines, horses, goats, chickens, etc.) I cannot wait to take the kids there. They will love it!

Okay that was ridiculously long. I was just so grateful for the experience to be there to say goodbye to my grandma, visit with my wonderful family and see my Kansas farming roots!

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