iPhone Recap

I have been getting lazy. really lazy. with my pictures. It is just so convenient to pull out my phone quickly and take a picture. They really are terrible, but at least leave me with some fun memories.

My grandma has been in the hospital and not doing very well, so my dad flew my sister out for a quick visit It was a bonus for me because I got to spend a tiny bit of time with Heather, Jason & sweet baby Allie.

Jason hasn't been to visit since becoming Cop Joey, so he brought lots of sticker badges that the kids LOVED--even Cole got one!

Allie wasn't too thrilled about Cole and the way he wrestles and eats faces. But she and Elise were little buddies. Elise thinks Allie is her own personal baby.
 Allie likes her too.

 Heather & I always joke about how we are pretty much twins and always think alike. We showed up to church in the same skirt--just different colors. Not too surprising.
 The cute little Young family--oh I miss them!!!

Last week my wonderful sisters-in-law spoiled me with an overnight with no kids. Jared & I stayed out holding hands & wandering the neighborhood until past 8:30pm. Unheard of in our house these days! We slept all night completely uninterrupted and waking refreshed for the first time in 9 1/2 months. I went for a run at the park without pushing a stroller or worrying about hurrying back. What a wonderful little break.

Apparently Cole was amazing although I am pretty sure it is because Jodie is the baby-whisperer. She can calm any baby! Tyler & Cole (the oldest and youngest of the grandkids)--I love this picture

Before picking up Cole, I wanted to take Grey & Elise to do something we can't do with a baby. We picked up their favorite fast food (Subway) and snuck it into the movie theater with some treats and watched Chimpanzee. Although Grey did not like having to share me with his younger sister, we had a wonderful time and I was glad to be able to give them a little bit of attention.

 The reuniting of Cole with the older two was EPIC. :) Grey came to me hours later crying his happy tears and told me he was just so happy to have Cole back and he missed him so much. I love that sweet boy. He is such a great big brother.

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Jason and Heather said...

Reading your blog today was a baaaaaad idea. This post made me miss you and your three loves SO much. I MISS YOU! We always have so much fun when we visit!