This was my second attempt at pictures of all three kids. The first time, I held Cole screaming in my arms while I took pics of Grey & Elise. I finally tried again last week--it went okay. I still have a headache from the stress of it. But looking at them and seeing their cute personalities makes it all worth it. I love these kids!

This one doesn't like to look at the camera

This one does great with the promise of a juice box

Cole likes to eat, wrestle and attack

Forehead loves---its a family thing

And now all three together...

Third time is a charm!

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Jason and Heather said...

Oh goodness, these are just perfect! I am in LOVE! I love that Cole is eating Grey, that's hilarious and so cute. I think those turned out so great! This is another reason why we need to be next door neighbors - so you can take cute pictures of Allie. :)