9 Months!

Cole is NINE months! He is such a fun personality and he just gets more fun every day. Unfortunately his zest for life makes it very difficult for him to sleep. We are still figuring out naps and night sleeping. And he wakes up screaming every single time. I am exhausted. You would think by my third child I would be used to the lack of sleep! Even so, we absolutely adore him and love having him a part of our family.

9 month update:
Still no teeth
Getting into everything-quickly
Likes to eat used tissues and paper from the trash (ugh.)
Learning to walk along the furniture
Sneaks into the playroom often--blocks and babies are his favorite
He EATS. Anything. Anytime.
Loves to yell and sing
Gives kisses that are more like eating/attacking your mouth, nose, neck, ears, etc.
Kicks like a frog when excited
Adores Grey and Elise!!
Likes to eat and wrestle them
Has the biggest grin and best giggle you will ever hear

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Jason and Heather said...

This child! Oh how he melts me! I love, love, LOVE him. I want to squish him, he's so cute. Not squish, like smash him, just squeeze his cheeks and smoother him in kisses squish him. :)