A new year

I realize we are well into January, but I run on "mom of 3-kids" timing. I kind of feel like a whiner, but I was glad to see the end of 2011. There were some difficult things that I am glad are over! Lots and lots of pregnancy issues including bleeding, finding a marker that the baby could have down's syndrome, bed rest and all the emotional DRAIN and physical exhaustion that it all took on me. In March I said goodbye to my sweet grandpa. I then spent the last half of the year in a blur of postpartum depression, caring for three little ones and barely making it through the days.

I would be ungrateful to disregard the WONDERFUL parts of the year--including the most important--a healthy and strong baby boy!!! After all that worry the entire pregnancy, I was blessed to bring him home completely perfect. Well, minus the sleepless nights that are still continuing on... What can I say? He loves to snuggle his momma all night long. I feel the depression fog finally lifting and that hopeful feeling coming back again.

I am really excited for this new year. I made a decision (that most people disagree with me on--including Jared) to keep Grey home with me the rest of the year instead of sending him to preschool. I felt like I was wasting my time and his time taking him every day to not learn anything--except baby talk. Already in two weeks we have made lots and lots of crafts, visited the library to pick out books on space, made treats together, put him in swimming and tumbling classes, done reading and spelling lessons almost daily and most importantly spent TIME together. I like being the one teaching him--for now.

With the combination of this decision and having Cole grow up a little bit, I feel so much more normal. I am looking forward to getting into a routine and spending quality time with my children. That is the reason I chose to be a stay at home mom!

My focuses for 2012:
- Fitness (4-5 tough/sweaty workouts a week, try something new like barre or bootcamp)
- Family (quality time with each child, FHE, prayer, scriptures, fun outings weekly)
- Marriage (date nights!! ignoring the dishes more often and snuggling instead)
- Spirituality (deeper scripture study, pray always, monthly temple)
- Health (more vegetarian, mostly real/whole foods, homemade treats)
- Friends (make a better effort to keep in touch, girls nights often!!)

I love a new year and a fresh start!!


Jason and Heather said...

It has been quite a year!!! I am glad you took G out, even if no one else agrees. :)

Charitons said...

I totally agree with your choice. I was feeling the same way and I am taking Brenna still but now only 1 day a week instead of 2. I think it will be better to have more time togethere at home. They are only our little ones for such a short time!