Giddy up!

I took the kids to the stock show last week to pretend we aren't city folk for a few hours... I could handle the cowboy boots, homemade jam and horses, but oh the smell. It is not for me.

I apologize for the blurry pictures--not sure what was wrong with my camera. It could have been me - I was holding Cole in one hand and taking pictures with the other. My picture skills have gone downhill rapidly the more children/less hands I have.

We wandered the grounds for HOURS. The kids loved the petting farm, riding on tractors but not walking through the indoor stockyards. Too smelly for them too--haha. We lucked out at the end and caught some men practicing a calvary horse routine with swords and all. Grey told me after we left that he will remember it forever. He loved the swords!

Elise's face the entire time in the petting farm.
The animals were freaking her out, but she didn't want to leave.

In front of the donkey--kids did not want to look at the camera!

These were Grey's favorite. He called them his little buddies.

I love doing this every year! But I wore myself out so much that I was sick in bed for three days afterwards. Probably caught something nasty from those stinky animals...

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Jason and Heather said...

Your kids seriously kill me with cuteness. I can totally picture Elise there too! Ha! Grey and his little buddies. That's what he used to call our ear plugs. So sweet.