Motherhood tidbits

Even with the utter exhaustion of being of mother of young children, I absolutely TREASURE having them (particularly the three I have) in my home. I realize this time will go too quickly and little children can teach us so much. There are so many moments of joy that cannot be found anywhere else and I am grateful for the opportunity to raise these sweet spirits.
We had a FHE lesson on tithing early in the week and as always, I wondered if they even heard a word of it. Later on in the week, Grey found a penny and started talking about how he has too much money (haha) and wanted to give some of it to Heavenly Father. I asked him why. He said, "Because I just love Him so much." So today we picked up a tithing slip and he went through his piggy bank to pay his tithing. He is especially excited that his money could be going to help build a temple. I was so touched by his desire to please his Heavenly Father.
Grey is starting to recognize emotions and his eyes will well up with tears. I think he is surprised and a little confused by it. I know he will hate that he is a "crier" but with Jared & I as his parents, he has no hope. I think it shows a sensitivity to the spirit and a gentleness that I hope the world does not ever take from him. Plus the girls will love that he is sensitive as he gets older! Jared told me he cried in Tangled during a sad part. Then last week he and I had a conversation that began with Cole having a bad diaper rash, turning to wonder if he would die from it, and ending with Grey crying about me dying someday. He just started tearing up and hitting his head to try to stop the tears. He kept saying he didn't understand why his eyes were crying. It is a little funny (well the head-hitting part), but kind of sad.

I am constantly overwhelmed with gratitude for this experience to be a mother and learn from these sweet spirits. I hope I don't mess them up too badly with all of my imperfections...


Jason and Heather said...

That little Grey! He is such a tender soul, I love that about him!

Jason and Heather said...

P.S. You are a wonderful mother. Duh! Do I even have to say that? :)

JO said...

Absolutely - A GREAT Mother, Christina. I am so glad three of my grandchildren have you as their Mother! How blessed they are.
Thank you for all you are and all you do.
Love, MOM W.