Vegas Pics

I did take some pictures while we were in Vegas for the funeral. We spent all of our extra time hanging out at my Grandma's, eating lots and lots and talking. Heather, Bryan & I did escape one night to wander the strip and stayed out past midnight. Whew! It about did me in.

Day 1 we hung out at my Grandma's looking through old pictures of my Grandpa as a baby and child. I even snapped this phone pic of my great-grandmother Amy Christina Bortz who I am named after (on the right). I LOVED going through and seeing all the pictures of my family. It was awesome!

We finished our evening eating BBQ with the extended family that had made it to town.

Day 2 was the viewing and was a difficult day. We went for a really long, late lunch and buried our emotions in rich, velvety cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory. What is it about death, funerals and eating. It is out of control! I know I look ridiculous--but I think I cried off all of my makeup that day.
 My brother Bryan and my dad

 Isabella (my half-sister), me and my sis Heather

 My aunt Lisa and adorable Grandma

Some of the gang at Cheesecake Factory
(my step-cousin, Marv & Deanne, and Kirsti & my dad's twin Dennis)

We went back and napped after the eating fest, woke up late and headed for the strip around 8. Loved seeing the new casinos and as always, the Bellagio fountains.
 Outside the new Encore casino

 The conservatory at the Bellagio--AMAZING!!

 My favorite thing in Vegas. I could watch all night.

 The preggers girls at the new Cosmopolitan casino

Ending our night at the Venetian---then we picked up In & Out for a little midnight snack

Day 3 was the funeral which was a beautiful tribute to his life and a wonderful service. My dad and his twin brother gave the eulogy which was tough to get through but I really appreciated the words and experiences they shared. We then had a reception and headed back to the hotel where we crashed and just sat in bed playing words with friends on our iphones/ipads together. Finally rolled out of bed for a late dinner at a delicious Vegas buffet. Glad I got one of those in...

My dad, Isabella, and my stepmom Mona
Heather, Me, My grandma, Isabella & Bryan at the reception

It was hard to say goodbye to everyone. I am so grateful that I was able to fly over there and spend time with my family during this time.


Katie Stacey said...

I'm so sorry that your grandpa died. Thanks for sharing pictures. I loved seeing the pictures of you and Heather pregnant together. So happy for you guys.

Jason and Heather said...

Oh Words With Friends! Bryan needs to step it up and play. I'm thinking about sending some text threats. I miss whyou!!!!