Frogs & Snails

And puppy dogs' tails.
That's what little boys are made of.

We are so excited to have another boy in our house. Boys are so much fun! Grey is especially thrilled to have a baby brother. When we asked him about it he said, "I already have a baby sister. I don't want another one. I want a baby brother. We can name him Junior." I hope we can come up with a better name than that!

This little one kept his hands in tight fists down by his butt the entire hour except for this one moment. So hopefully he has all fingers--it was hard to tell.

And the low-quality photobooth belly shot! I am popping out and definitely looking full-on preggers now.

I am going in for additional ultrasound testing tomorrow, so hopefully I will have some more good pictures of our baby boy.


tktakesphotos said...

Congrats Christina! It's the year of the boys. Everyone pregnant person I know is pregnant with a boy or just gave birth to a boy.

Arianne Pearce said...

Yeah! Boys are so much fun- congratulations! You have the cutest little belly bump ever!