Me Warrior.

(a sample of some of the fun costumes)

(getting ready to start)

After months of planning on participating in the Warrior Dash 2010, I couldn't let a little mono keep me away. haha. I decided to do it last minute and take it easy. I definitely was slow and had to walk quite a bit on the part where we ran for a couple miles up a ski slope. It doesn't look as steep in the pictures as it was. Oh and this picture includes about 1/1000th of the uphill part. I might be exaggerating--just a little bit.

The race begins with clambering over junker cars and trucks then on to tackle the giant bales of hay, a rope up a rocky incline and rows and rows of tires. Then the tough switchbacks up the mountain for miles and miles (it felt like it). Finally we started heading downhill. I was feeling good until my knee started pulling. COME ON! So again I had to walk on and off. At the bottom of the hill=RELIEF. Water and the mud pit. I was ready to jump in just to cool off.

I unfortunately got booed at because I didn't dive in but I did manage to splash mud in my face and up my nose which later formed a nice hard ball that I couldn't wipe off because I had mud everywhere. And running with heavy mud was insane.

After the mud pit came the cargo nets, planks across a ravine, and the wonderfully cold river to run across. Looking back I should have sat down and washed up in the river. At least I got a bit of the mud off my shoes.

The final stretch onto jumping the two sets of flames which were quite a bit higher and hotter than seemed safe. But I made it without catching on fire. The worst part was having to wash off the mud in the FREEEEEZING pond. I was purple for about an hour and I didn't even get all the mud off.

A video montage put together by me talented hubby:

It was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to next year so I can really give it all my effort. Who is in with me??
Warrior G


Angela Henderson said...

Wow, woman that looks awesome. And since I did the mud run in SD, I totally know your not exagerating about the up hill part. It is always tough. Good Job fo roding that it looked fun!

carrie said...

you are so hard core!!!!!!!! count me in for next year!

Tobi said...

I can't believe you toughed out mono!! You one determined lady! Good for you.

Pammerscush said...

I am in!!! Me too! Me too!