Colorado Road Trip: Denver - Cortez

We just got back from a fabulous road trip with Jared's parents. Jared & his dad had been planning a 5-day motorcycle trip for a while and I really wanted to go. So we were the support car. :) I was absolutely in awe at the beauty of the places we went. Stunning scenery the entire way. I am grateful to live in Colorado and cannot believe I haven't taken advantage of the state more!!

The first day we drove from Denver to Montrose. I didn't take any pictures that day. The next day we went from Montrose to Cortez, stopping in Telluride for a bit. I got to ride on the motorcycle the first half of that drive and it was amazing!

I took a ton of pictures in Telluride because it is stunning and I really want to go back. It is a picturesque little town nestled in between tall, lush peaks. We ate lunch and walked along the main street and river.

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