I am finally getting around to posting some pictures I took for Elise's first birthday. I was too lazy to fix her hair--so she is a bit disheveled.

Elise is the happiest, sweetest baby ever. Look at that sweet face! She is a determined little baby and I catch her climbing into and onto everything yet she still won't walk. She talks, okay she babbles, constantly and loves pointing at everything. My favorite thing she does is that she picks up an object, most often a phone charger, and says, "hello" "hi" over and over.

She is very girly and loves her baby dolls and stuffed animals. I often catch her with a toy or a bottle hanging out of her mouth while she crawls around. She absolutely adores Greyden and when he is sharing well, they can play for hours together.

I caught this last picture while she was "jumping" up and down with her arms--it depicts her happy, smiling personality so perfectly!

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

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carrie said...

As if I didn't already want to steal her...this isn't helping.

Maybe I'll name my girl Elise to help with my problem. :)