I heart New York (RACE DAY!)

Sunday morning was the big day that Jared has been training for the past 9 months. He was amazing and I loved getting to watch him in each event.

We were staying just a couple blocks from the start, so we walked down together and got Jared all suited up for the swim. I love the excitement of races. Everyone is all pumped up and ready to go.

The race started with a 1500m swim in the Hudson. *side note: just before starting we watched a tire floating down the river* The current was so strong that they had participants jump in the water and hang on to a rope until the buzzer. Some people were just floating and backstroking down the river. I could hardly keep up walking, but somehow looked over about a half-mile up and found Jared!!! I walked alongside him until he got out of the water. At the end of the swim there is a ramp and a bunch of guys are pulling them out of the river.

Next up was the 40k bike on the West Side highway. Jared did amazing and flew past tons of people. I caught him while he was just heading onto the highway.

I saw Jared twice on the 10k run ending in Central Park. I was so excited to see him and almost missed him since he did the bike so quickly. I caught up with him again just before the finish line. Notice in the picture the guy propped up against the railing. I watched the poor guy go down while I was waiting. It was awful! His body just fell apart. It was just so hot and right at the end of the race.

The best part were the free pedicabs that took us from Central Park to the transition area. I have always wanted to do that and even better after running all over town watching the race.

We went back to the hotel and napped (oh how I love no-kid time) and then a boat ride around the island. Stay tuned...

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