Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest baby girl!

I feel like a terrible mother not being with Elise on her first birthday--but Jared signed up for a triathlon in NYC on the same day. So we are eating lots, playing and sleeping (more to come on that soon). Oh and Jared is swimming, biking and running while I do nothing. Perfect!

This past year has been such a delight having Elise in our lives. But I am a much happier mother once the one-year mark hits. Apparently I get postpartum with each child from when they are about 6-11 months. This time was extra hard and I am glad to be out of it finally. Onto more exciting things... She really is the best baby I could ever hope for. She came with the sweetest personality and makes us smile constantly.

We will celebrate soon and get lots of pictures so she doesn't think I forgot about her.


carrie said...

What the heck - postpartum? How did I not know this! You are in trouble. I could have been spoiling you with treats!!!

Can't wait to hear about your trip - come back soon!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Elise ( a little late of course)!