My mom was on the airplane last night with the "bathroom smoker" but it started out with everyone thinking it was a possible terrorist attack. Needless to say it was an eventful night!

My stepdad arrived at the airport on time to pick up my mom and the status said the plane had landed. She never came and he waited and waited for almost an hour. Finally he called my sister to find out if she knew anything about it. Meanwhile breaking news started popping up about a DC-DEN flight involved in a possible terrorist attack. Um yeah... they were both freaking out a bit not knowing if my mom was okay! I didn't know about it at this point yet, luckily, because I probably would have driven out to the airport and been a crazy lady. None of the United employees were very helpful for my stepdad. They were rude and not giving him any answers. Finally my mom was able to call my stepdad briefly to let him know she was alright. It was a good thing she snuck her cell phone out of the plane!

So five hours later they finally made it back home and safe. I am so glad it ended up being something so harmless. It terrifies me to think about it being anything more.

My step-dad (Dave) and mom (Laura) have made their debuts in the news world with almost two paragraphs in this article. I'm surprised my step-dad didn't say something more along the lines of, "Did this guy have any brains at all? Smoking on an airplane and then joking about a shoe bomb?" Maybe he did and they didn't include it. Why isn't anyone talking about that?

My mom was sitting right behind the man in question. I guess the lady sitting next to him had brought up suspicion to the flight crew. She said he was very passive and didn't seem to pose a threat. She did say it was strange to land and be escorted off to the middle of nowhere with all the emergency vehicles just in case the plane blew up...


Sarah said...

FREAKY!! I read about that guy - um, what idiot thinks they can get away with smoking on a plane these days? Glad your mom is safe. How terrifying for her, your stepdad and your sister (glad YOU didn't know!).

Katie Stacey said...

I read that article this morning. So scary for your mom. I'm glad everything was fine.

carrie said...


Nataluscious said...

I saw this on your FB status and didn't get a chance to comment. But this story makes me LIVID. Just because he's a diplomat does not mean he shouldn't face some sort of punishment for violating a FEDERAL LAW. Not to mention, his sarcasm about the whole thing. I think the arrogance is over the top, and if the US doesn't do something his own country should at least demote him.

But glad it was nothing more than that, because how scary if it was! Glad your mom is ok.