Better Late?

This month has flown by and I have been neglecting my blog. So I am playing some catch up starting with Easter!

We spent Easter weekend at the condo in the mountains. It was perfect. We relaxed with books and movies, went to the rec center pool, listened to conference and enjoyed having some family time.

Grey loved dying the Easter eggs--but his favorite part was putting the stickers on the eggs. Apparently it is difficult to make hard-boiled eggs at altitude because when I went to make egg salad, they were still a bit gooey. So we had to waste those and throw them out. :(

Jared & I hid way too many eggs in the basement at the condo for Grey. It was really fun this year with him. He had a blast finding them and then of course eating all the goodies inside! And yes he is wearing the same outfit--again. I took a new outfit for him every day, but every morning he put on this yellow shirt and red pants. Nice....

Checking out his new Ladybug Playground!

The obligatory chocolate bunny (I ate one of the ears--don't tell!)

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