16 pounder

Nine months in...

Nine months out...

Yes that is right... my sweet 9-month old is only 16 pounds! She is still a tiny little monkey. I have no idea where the past nine months have gone... I guess not sleeping at night makes time non-existent. I am still barely functioning. I think I remember that happening with Grey. I kept thinking that someday I would be "me" again... Then one day when he was about a year it happened. So I'm hoping we are almost there!

She makes us so happy though. This girl might be the happiest baby I have ever known. Not to say she doesn't have her moments and crying, but she has the biggest grin and can light up the room. It is so easy to get her giggling and sometimes I waste too much time trying because I can't get enough.

A week after she turned nine months, she finally learned to crawl! It is so cute to watch her move around. It has been fun to see the differences between Elise and Grey. Grey was always ready to be on the move and learned to crawl, walk, talk very quickly. Elise has been less interested in those things and just likes to watch and smile at us. She has a very laid-back and sweet personality.

She still adores her brother. She lights up whenever she hears his voice or sees him. I love that they can play together now. She loves music and I catch her dancing to toys, in stores and any time she hears music or singing. She loves faces! She is constantly grabbing at eyes, noses, mouths and ears. It is cute--but kind of hurts sometimes. She is also constantly scratching everything with her fingernails. I think she must like the sound of it on different surfaces.

I feel so lucky to be a mother to my sweet children. Even through the absolute exhaustion and daily melt-downs (me included) I find an extreme amount of joy I never thought possible.


carrie said...

Something is wrong with me! I want to steal Elise! SHE IS SO CUTE.

Tobi said...

She is beautiful. I think her little grin could make any grump on the street smile in reply.

I hope the sleep situation settles down in the near future. Nothing makes me cranky like not getting enough sleep.